Terms and Conditions

20% service fee, 10% fuel charge is calculated on the total fare plus the following additional charges will be charged (if applicable): Meet and greet, airport fee, tolls, parking, cell phone usage, holiday surcharge, travel time, admin fee and or any other out of pocket expense incurred during the trip.

All published rates are subject to change without any notice. Current rates are best estimated on reservations and quotes. All rates are calculated in the local currency and billed in U.S. dollars at the prevailing exchange rate.

Transfers and Airport Services

Transfers and airport reservations, wait time will be charged after grace period is elapsed. Wait time is calculated at hourly rate of the particular vehicle and is charged at the increment of 15 minutes. Grace period is defined as forty-five (45) minutes at the commercial airports and fifteen (15) minutes all other locations beyond the scheduled pick up time. Due to uncertainty of schedule and last minute delays of private planes & trains, wait time will be charged as incurred for any passenger arriving more than 15 minutes late, unless change in arrival scheduled occurs more than 2 hours plus the travel time from the local facility. 

Passenger requested stop(s) en route during a transfer reservation will be charged stop fee and wait time in any after 15 minute grace period, wait time is calculated at hourly rate of the particular vehicle and is charged at the increment of 15 minutes. Passenger requested stops off route for transfer reservations, charges will revert to the prevailing DC Livery hourly rate. 

Hourly Charter / Event Services.

All Hourly or Event Services vehicle types will be billed hourly rate or package rate quoted on reservation. Fractions of an hour are rounded to next half-hour.

Cancellations, Changes & No Shows.

Cancellation or change of Sedans & SUVs for transfer and airport reservations within two hour of scheduled pick-up time will result in a full charge. 

'No Show' is when passenger fails to arrive at the designated location or to contact AppleSedan within an hour of scheduled pick up time. 'No show' fee equal to full charge of the trip plus service fee plus applicable wait time.

To avoid a 'no show' fee call or outside U.S. and Canada +1 703-786-1409 if you cannot locate your vehicle or chauffeur. 


Client agrees that there will be no smoking, no alcoholic beverages or no illegal drugs consumed in the vehicles. In case of misconduct by customer, chauffeur has the right to terminate the service without any refunds. Client holds AppleSedan and not liable for any personal or material damages arising from the conduct of his/her party. Client is responsible for damages to the vehicle committed by his/her party during service, either will fully or accidentally. 

AppleSedan will try its best effort to locate any lost items but will not be held responsible for damaged baggage, personal belongings, or any items left in the vehicle. AppleSedan shall not be liable for circumstances beyond its control including but not limited to weather, road conditions and breakdowns.

Client is responsible for the full payment of any overtime charges, beyond the original agreement. 

The above term and conditions may be modified time to time based on market, availability of vehicles, reservations dates. All changes that are mutually agreed upon in writing or confirmed at the time of reservation will supersede.